Values ​

Values at BRIS

Value for students

  • 01

    Having an international program, according to the educational standards of the United States
  • 02

    Teaching English Language Arts at Bris Primary school
  • 03

    Tutoring Academic English from the students who are not good at studying English for catching up on an international program that is studied by English
  • 04

    Assisting the student to do homework after class time from 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM
  • 05

    Third Top of International School in Ho Chi Minh City applies for Reading AR Program of United States
  • 06

    Having own subject teachers and foreign teachers

Value for Parents

  • 01

    The fees are as price as the other international school by 60 percent. Along with the paradigm "International Program - International Quality- Appropriate Tuition"
  • 02

    NWEA MAP equipment measures the studying ability of students, helping parents understand studying English, Maths, Science students ability in which level compared to American primary students
  • 03

    Not being worried about teaching students to do homework or the fees of hiring a tutor for students at home
  • 04

    The school will associate and follow the study of students with Parents to make them gain comprehensive growth

How to apply

Process of student enrollment


Giving professional advice and introducing the curriculum


Making an appointment when visiting the school


Observing the class, the studying and exercising ability of students


Organizing parent's meetings and paying for tuition


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