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BRIS International School System

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BRIS International School is an educational system that provides academic programs aligned with the international educational standard in a learning environment which helps students effectively adapt to the foreign environment. We hope that students will benefit from quality education in Vietnam to increase their distribution to the country and the world



BRIS invests in a high-quality programs and standard facilities such as classrooms, functional rooms, and outdoor sports areas suitable for children’s learning and physical activities.

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Over the years, we have strived constantly to create the best learning environment for all students at BRIS.

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At BRIS, where “Every child is unique,” we understand that nothing is more important to children than the opportunity to receive the best education that will help them succeed in the future. We apply the most up-to-date teaching methods to equip students with a strong cultural and academic background, along with practical life skills, high life values, and wonderful personal qualities.

The Vision and The Mission

BRIS wants to become a prestigious education system with an academic environment aligned with international standards.

Core Values

With the trust of parents, for many years we have always tried to constantly strive to create the best learning environment and bring 8 core values to students: The Nation Pride, Truthful, Creative, Confident, Respectful, Collaboration, ...


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