Blue Ridge International School (BRIS) is an educational system that provides international academic standard programs. In commitment to bringing education to global citizens, our vision and mission are to establish happy schools where students are loved, cared for, and gain comprehensive development.

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BRIS developed the curriculum framework from Kindergarten to Junior High School from well-known educations such as Singapore, the United States, United Kingdom, including:

  • BRIS International Kindergarten Program is integrated from FIELDWORK Program from the United Kingdom
  • FasTracKids Life-skill Program from the United States, and Sports Program, exclusively at BRIS.


The BRIS Primary and Pre-Grade 1 help children to excel in thinking about linguistics thinking and global languages and global cultures with:

  • International Programs (IP)
  • National Programs (NP)
  • Sports-Art-Community Program (SAC)
  • Mastery Learning Program (MLP)

Bris Learning Center offers the Interactive English Program and FasTracKids Life-Skill Program from the United States to every student.

At BRIS, where “Every child is unique,” we understand that nothing is more important to children than the opportunity to receive the best education that will help them succeed in the future. We apply the most up-to-date teaching methods to equip students with a strong cultural and academic background, along with practical life skills, high life values, and wonderful personal qualities.

On behalf of the BRIS Board of Management, I am pleased to welcome parents and students to visit and join the Blue Ridge community!

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